Any communications about the Beta Program (including emails, forms, or other documents) will be provided to you in English. You agree to likewise provide any feedback to TSM in either English. TSM will have a free and unrestricted right to use any such feedback you provide to us in any manner to improve TSM’s products or services. When you send us ideas as part of the feedback you transfer ownership of those ideas to TSM, so please only send us your own, original ideas and thank you for trying to make ToStylMou even better.


Please note that completing this enrollment form does not guarantee your selection for any Beta Program. Invitations to participate are at TSM’s sole discretion. If you are selected to participate in a Beta Program, we will email you an official invitation with further details and information about the Beta Program.


The Beta System Software is a pre-release version of software that has not been thoroughly tested and may be incomplete or contain errors. It may be different from the final released version, and/or a final commercial version may not get released.

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